God’s Restoration Ministries

It’s not the hand dealt you in life; it’s how you work with it . . .   .
and that’s the message that this expert on survival, change and renewal   shares with her thriving prison ministry.  She delivers her message about taking   charge of your life and placing God at the head and not the tail.  You quickly   realize how this once 17-year-old runaway has reached a unique understanding of   how to deal with adversity and change.  Having overcome a childhood filled with   physical abuse and sexual molestation, having her infant children ripped away as   a result of an uncontrollable habit with crack cocaine, and after going in and   out of prison, then making a miraculous change from a lesbian lifestyle to   marrying her husband of now four years, Devia Curry has become the epitome of   the saying, “Only the strong survive.”

It takes a strong spirit!!  A soul (mind, will   and emotions) which is fed by a spirit that abides in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Devia speaks to people from all   walks of life about working the most valuable tools that God has blessed us all   with — our human mind and spirit — and about how faith is the key to opening   doors that are seemingly closed.  Laugh, cry and shout as she shares her   victories — and defeat and unlock within you how positive thinking really   works.
Mrs. Curry has achieved a level of success that few would have expected.    After her own release from prison, she began working for slightly above minimum   wage for a local grocery store.  Then she began working for the very property   management corporation who once attempted to deny her rental of an apartment due   to her felony convictions!  Hard work and sheer determination paid off when Mrs.   Curry was next promoted from the position of Leasing Agent to Apartment   Manager.  With a substantial increase in her apartment complex’s profit margin,   Mrs. Curry was then promoted to Regional Manager where she supervised three   properties throughout the Dallas Metroplex.  This now earned her a six-figure   income!  Not bad for a runaway with a criminal record of multiple   felonies.
With her success Devia began to listen to her calling.  God’s instruction   became clear.  God instructed her to quit her six-figure-income position and go   into a full-time international ministry.  Devia activated her faith and   exercised her obedience creating housing for ex-offenders as well as an   aggressive street and prison ministry.  Her goal is to continue to listen to   God’s instructions and to follow them completely.
Phone: 214-954-7051 (hm)
214-442-3546 (cell)

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