Lighthouse Church of God In Christ

Mission Statement:
We are the house of God, serving the people of God, accomplishing the will of God
Vision Statement:
As a church, we must win the lost to Christ and disciple them to become servants for Christ. As a ministry, we will serve those in need in our community, in our city and reach out to the Mission Fields that God directs us to.
Our Mission:
Lighthouse Church of God in Christ seeks to be a light to the lost, a voice to the deaf, an arm of strength to the weak, and the reflection of Christ in the earth.

Superintendent Michael Clerkley, Sr. is a great visionary, prolific speaker, and charismatic pastor. He was born to the union of Tommy and Helen Clerkley. At the age of 16, he began his Christian journey. The following year, he answered the Lord’s call into the ministry. In 1974, he made the wise and enlightened decision to choose the beautiful Clara Clerkley as his wife. Together, they parent five children.
Superintendent Clerkley has pastored the Lighthouse Church of God in Christ since May 2000. Although he is a man of astounding faith, impeccable integrity, and spiritual vision – he is ultimately a servant at heart. Continually exhibiting humility before God, Pastor Clerkley is a personable, touchable leader. In his continued effort to serve, Superintendent Clerkley established the radio ministry, “A Word from the Light.”
Often referred to as a “Joshua” for the Lighthouse family, Superintendent Clerkley’s inspiring leadership teaches that victory comes through faith in God and obedience to His word. His plain, forthright, and sound exposition of the Living Word exhorts us to live “unto” God. He precisely meets each generation on their particular level introducing them to the Lord of Glory. Through his teachings, God uses him to nourish the Saints with the “good food” of the Gospel.

2127 Corinth Street Rd
Dallas, TX 75203
(214) 371-2421

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